About Underground Worx Companies (UWX)

Underground Worx Companies is a free and independent organization of several interacting enterprises under common ownership that provides services through independently marketed free and independent companies and groups, each charged with a contributing role in the overall administration, marketing, and growth of the organization as a whole. The enterprises communally share use and collaberate, on the improvement and usage of information tools and resources, in order to bring internal and client projects to completion, while retaining those individually marketable identities.

Founded in 1996 with the merger of Auto EFX and Underground Worx Design Studio, Underground Worx Companies was expanded in 2000 and restructured into the diverse organization we are today. And, as always, we are evaluating our needs for future growth.

All Underground Worx Companies personnel strive to look for inspiration outside of normal conventions. Our organization's staff is highly excited about new technologies in all fields along with their usage and implementation, and sharing in the excitement of developing ideas and projects based upon those technologies. Our focus, as always, remains on achieving the desired goals of projects that are presented to us in the most effective, efficient, and timely manner possible.

Services provided by the various enterprises to both businesses and the public include:

  • Networking Services & Consulting
  • Connectivity & WiFi Installation/Deployment
  • Graphics Design
  • Webpage and Website Design/Development
  • Hosting & Hosting Administration Services
  • Print, Video and Electronic Media Production
  • Administration for "Moving Violationz Crew"
  • Administration/Management of "Moving Violationz Website"
  • And more!

At Underground Worx Companies our structure is such that the individual departments communally share information and resources, are highly interactive, and often contribute services to one another. This is especially true of content published on the internet by the Design Studio. Some members of our staff are assigned to multiple departments to maximize utilization of their skills in different areas, and to allow them greater diversity within their work environment.

How can Underground Worx Companies serve your needs?

The Design Studio is always up to the challenge of a new design, and can assist anyone in developing a presence on the world wide web, whether it is for personal, informational, community, or educational purposes, or expanding into the e-commerce realm of operating a business.

UWX Hosting can provide Virtual Server Hosting to provide a platform from which web content may be served on the internet, or provide Hosting/Server Management Services to administrate the tasks involved with maintaining web hosting.

UWX Advertising can assist in getting more online attention to the services that your business provides, a new product line, special sales opportunities/events, OR, any event, show, or even personal announcements with the placement of select advertising in Underground Worx Companies and MV Group managed mediums.

If you would like to work with Underground Worx Companies, the Moving Violationz Group, or the Moving Violationz Crew on your next project, contact us and express your ideas and goals for the project using the CONTACTS PAGE.