Donate to Underground Worx Companies

Help us grow!

Underground Worx Companies will gladly take ANY type of computer equipment donations. Our companies are small and some of the more costly items used by any IT related small business are just beyond our budgeting at this time in our growth.

We attempt to recycle or repurpose all computer equipment that we come in contact with. This helps to keep computers and parts out of landfills. Often the equipment can be refurbished from other donated items and then utilized in ways other than originally intended, for experimental or web development purposes.

If the equipment can not be refurbished to operate normally, it can supply parts for other machines. Often machines are refurbished and redistributed freely to those within our local area who may not be able to afford initial cost of a 'new' computer but would like to browse the web, or further educate and train themselves on computer use.

If you would like to make arrangements to donate used or unneeded equipment, or to make a 'trade contribution' where we can provide some service for equipment, you can reach us by using the CONTACT PAGE.